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Music Is The Answer

Everybody wants to have a party or celebration that all will enjoy and remember.

It can be a Birthday Party, Sweet Sixteen Party, Wedding Reception, Anniversary, Family Reunion, Company Christmas Party, or any other special occasion where the right music and entertainment are necessary in making your event a memorable one.

When planning your upcoming events it is essential to include professionals that you can rely on to take care of all the small details of organizing the entertainment segment of your party.

From organized dances, such as the Electric Slide, The Marcarena, the Soul Train Line etc., dancing clowns for the kids, party favors, decorations, professionals to motivate your guests and all types of good music, we at Conquistador Productions are here to meet all your party needs.

We are a team of professionals, who are highly motivated and have the ability to help you make your party a complete success.



Ronnie Del Toro, founder and CEO of Conquistador Productions has been a professional DJ for over 12 years. Serving the New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and Staten Island areas

Contact Information

DJ Ronnie D
(718) 740-6588

Production Coordinators

Madeline Brame
(917) 804-9645


Chaz E. Reyes
(917) 440-9782

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